For Sale-$1,700,000

Dear reader, an experience may await you here that is something you have always dreamed about--finding the perfect home which
oozes appeal. When you pull up to the private entry gate of this stunning home you will say, "At last!"
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For Sale $599,000

MLS #201605572
This unique, single- level home is located on a spacious 1-acre lot off Rodeo Road. The outdoor area is completely enclosed with fencing and contains its own water well.
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Complete Home Marketing Plan

One of the unique services I provide.


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 "Make Moving Easier"

Since I am so active in the industry, I come across some great referrals from time to time. While I cannot guarantee the quality of the work, product or service that these referrals provide, I believe they will meet or exceed your expectations. Please qualify each provider before using their service. Let them know I referred you and they will take extra special care of you. If you need something, please give me a call or send me an email.



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