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Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Living Room
Neighborhoods of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dear reader, an experience may await you here that is something you have always dreamed about–finding the perfect home which
oozes appeal. When you pull up to the private entry gate of this stunning home you will say, “At last!” This may just be the most
alluring country property you will ever find at this price. This horse property was architect designed and includes all kinds of
outbuildings–a four horse stable/barn and a separate office/workshop/stable. The expansive views are sure to take your breath
away. There is even an irrigated Green House. Do you like to cook? It has a Kitchen to make you swoon. Wait until you discover
the dressage/jumping arena and miles and miles of riding trails. The home has four Bedrooms, five full Baths and is on 6.12 acres
beneath a fathomless ocean of bright, porcelain stars. The lot itself will make you think you are living in the middle of your own
nature park. There are two organic gardens with a water recycling system (the water from the house is captured with a french drain
, the grey water is reused, and the water from the barn is captured). Did I mention there are no steps in the house? There is a Guest quarter in the home with its separate entrance. Available to show in October, 2017

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